2023: the "hot trips"

Spicy trip 2023: the "spicy trips"

Travelers see 2023 as an important year to return to explore the world. Enthusiastic about the year ahead, conducted extensive research on travel predictions for 2023 to learn, among other things, what destinations will be preferred, what travelers will be inspired by, and how budget will be considered an important factor. 

As the world adjusts to the "new normal" after a period of restrictions on domestic and foreign travel, travelers are eager to hit the road and get back to exploring the world as they once did.

As travel restrictions and Covid tests begin to be a thing of the past, as research reveals, 73% of people are more optimistic about travel than 2022. Despite the climate of global economic and political uncertainty with which we approach the new year, nearly three-quarters (72%) of travelers say travel is still worthwhile.

Cultural experiences out of the ordinary

Many of us have well-established habits, and this also applies to travel. But travelers plan to challenge these habits in 2023: in fact, 50% of them plan to experience cultural experiences completely different from their own.

Many people used to return to places where they had pleasant stays, but this trend will be reversed in 2023. Nearly three-quarters (73%) want to get out of their comfort zone while traveling, and 30% plan to visit lesser-known locations to discover hidden gems.

Many travelers (38%) dream of offbeat cultural experiences and UFO hunting. Therefore, we will probably see an increase in travel to places related to extraterrestrial sightings, such as Roswell, New Mexico.

Meanwhile, other travelers might opt for destinations further east: 47% would like to discover exotic delicacies such as the World's hottest chili pepper.


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