The hottest chili pepper in the world will become the Louisiana Creeper

Louisiana creeper the world's hottest chili pepper will become the louisiana creeper

The Louisiana Creeper, the world's hottest new chili pepper.

Who has tasted the current hottest chili pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, he believed he had experienced the pinnacle of spiciness.
Perhaps not, American Ronald "Troy" Primeaux, better known as Troy Primo, is stabilizing the "Louisiana Creeper," which he says will be the world's hottest new chili pepper.

Troy Primo's new "creature" will try to break the record currently held by the now famous Carolina Reaper discovered and created by Ed Currie.

The Louisiana Creeper is a cross between two of Primeaux's own creations: the 7-Pot Primo and the Big Black Mama. It is presented as a squat, brown-tinged chili pepper, and the goal is to exceed two million Scoville units.

Troy first the world's hottest chili will become the louisiana creeper the world's hottest chili will become the louisiana creeper

Let's find out who Troy Primo is

Troy Primo played Rock music for many years in the band "Santeria," then one day he met a girl with whom he fell in love and decided to change his life and job so that he could build his future with her.

In 2005, while working at the University of Louisiana in the Department of Horticulture "La fayette," Troy Primo developed "7 Pot Primo," probably the hottest chili pepper in the world! With an average of 1.5 million Scoville units, about 300 times hotter than the Jalapeño. Over the years, his chili creations have gained worldwide notoriety and he thus becomes a true "God of Spicy."

In 2012 he and his wife Kara established the company "Primo Peppers" obviously specializing in high-quality spicy products.
Nowadays, Troy primo has the goal of succeeding in stabilizing his creation, the Louisiana Creeper chili and making it the hottest chili in the world.

This is how Troy Primo describes the Louisiana Creeper:

"When you put one of these chili peppers in your mouth, it is as if you have survived a traffic accident, a bear is chasing you while a policeman is giving you a speeding ticket. Your heart is pumping like crazy for more than 30 minutes, your body thinks you're going to die but you're not actually dying."

Currently, unfortunately, the seeds and fruits of this chili species have not yet been commercialized, we of course await developments and meanwhile prepare our palates to taste this new spicy flame.