Men, chili, and sex.

jalapeno Men, chili, and sex.

Do you enjoy spicy food? You might boast particularly high levels of testosterone. At least according to a new French study, which cautions, however, against those who take to appear.

According to a study on Focus which we report excerpts from, men who take chili peppers regularly have higher levels of testosterone, the ultimate male sex hormone.

Are you one of those men who shower every dish with spicy powders and sauces? You may be more masculine than those who do not like chili peppers. According to a study from the University of Grenoble (France) there would be a correlation between a man's preference for spicy foods and his levels of testosterone-the hormone that regulates male sexual behavior, which is linked to character traits such as aggression and risk-taking.

The team of researchers placed 114 men aged 18 to 44 years in front of a plate of mashed potatoes without seasoning. The volunteers were given the option of seasoning it to their liking, with salt and hot sauce. At the end of the meal, the subjects had to provide a saliva sample: those who had abounded with hot sauce were shown to have higher levels of circulating testosterone than the other participants.

Capsaicin consumption is influenced by a number of physiological, psychological, genetic and social factors. One possibility is that regular consumption of spicy food contributes to raising testosterone levels (a fact that has been scientifically demonstrated so far only in mice).

Another possible explanation is that some of the volunteers abounded with the "fiery" sauce simply to make a good impression and stand out from the rest of the group. After all, it is known that those with high levels of testosterone also show a more fierce competitive spirit.

Science says so and Pepper Maremma has also been advocating it for years, eating spicy with a healthy, balanced lifestyle helps to increase testosterone levels and get sick less.

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