Spicy wedding favors

Gourmet Box

Original price was: 80,50 €.Current price is: 69,00 €. VAT incl.

Box of Gluttony

Original price was: 64,50 €.Current price is: 57,00 €. VAT incl.

Carolina Reaper chili jam

5,50  VAT incl.

Fatalii White chili jam

5,50  VAT incl.

Jalapeño pepper jam

5,50  VAT incl.

Grappiccant 200ml

15,00  VAT incl.

Grappiccant 500ml

28,00  VAT incl.

Tasting Kit #1

22,00  VAT incl.

Taster Kit #2

22,00  VAT incl.

Oil and chili powder kit

Original price was: 45,00 €.Current price is: 40,00 €. VAT incl.

Spicy oil tris kit

23,00  VAT incl.