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Pimenta de Neyde

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Capsicum Chinense 

Curiosities: The name is derived from its fortunate discoverer: Neyde Hidalgo who found a wild-born Pimenta De Neyde plant in her garden in Brazil.
It has a very rare characteristic for a chili pepper, which is that the fruits maintain the same color throughout the ripening stage, remaining a very dark, almost black shade of purple.

Fruit characteristics: The plant looks like a branched sapling and can reach a height of more than 2 meters, This very tasty and moderately spicy variety changes its chile color from purplish to marked black when fully ripe. The fruits have pendulous habit and reach the size of about 6 cm, and have a crisp and not very fleshy texture.

Pepper Maremma recommends it: This variety of chili pepper has a medium spiciness and a distinctive and highly appreciated flavor. We recommend it to accompany potatoes: whether boiled, baked or fried; another winning combination is with eggs or to season pickled olives. Also used for cheese-based pasta dishes.

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