Pepper Maremma products at the chili museum

Peppermaremma the products of pepper maremma at the chili museum

Pepper Maremma and its products have landed in the home of the hot pepper, Calabria, and more specifically in Maierà (Cosenza).
We are proud to report that our hot chili powders are on display in the chili museum.

We gladly accepted to exhibit our spicy products, born in Maremma, in the only museum in Italy that enhances, safeguards and tells the culture and history of chili peppers

The Chili Pepper Museum in Maierà (Cosenza) is located in the historic Ducal Palace; the first and the only one in the world wanted by the Italian Chili Pepper Academy and the Maierà Municipal Administration.
The museum tour is structured in several rooms:

Peppermaremma3 pepper maremma products at the pepper museum

Chili routes; Six thousand years of travel around the world recounted by maps, photographs, drawings, and historical accounts.
The plant, scents and flavors, an overview of varieties grown in the world. A display of the most famous sauces and all food products; where of course, we are there.
The Art and Communication section, gives insight into the chili starring in art and also in advertising.
Everyday fantasy; to showcase chili-inspired objects in all parts of the world: mugs, glasses, lighters, bags, cutlery, playing cards and table cloths.

Of course if you visit the museum it will be a must to take a selfie with the background our products. We would like to remind you that if you want to buy our hot pepper powders you can go to the shop section of our website

Peppermaremma2 pepper maremma products at the pepper museum