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Habanero white

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Caribbean Islands 

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Curiosities: Used since 5,500 B.C. in Mexico, it later landed in Europe  through large galleons where it was immediately in great demand and a great success. A very small plant but with exceptional production, over the course of the entire season more than 250 chilies can be harvested from the same plant. There are different types of Habanero White, about 6-7 species, each with different characteristics.

Fruit characteristics: The small plant, reaching a maximum of 60-70 cm above the ground, tends to develop with many branches and produces numerous chilies. When fully ripe they have an ivory white color.

Pepper Maremma recommends itSimply wonderful on seafood pasta dishes such as pasta with mussels and clams or seafood risotto, being less flavored than its "Habanero brothers" it also goes well on delicate meats such as chicken and turkey.

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