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Habanero Orange

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Curiosity: It is native to the Yucatan Peninsula, where the equatorial climate  Allows it to be a perennial plant. Early plant compared to other types of Habanero and to Chinense in general. Habanero is appreciated not only for its pungency but also for its unmistakable fragrance and aroma.

Fruit characteristics: The fruits are lantern-shaped with a slight point, about 4-5 cm long, smooth exterior like all habaneros. The color of the unripe chile is light green, when ripe it acquires its distinctive orange color.

Pepper Maremma recommends it: Quite spicy but not exaggeratedly so, it is especially appreciated for its fruity and aromatic flavor. Very versatile in cooking for its intense flavor, favored for seasoning Mediterranean pasta dishes and sauces, also ideal on summer salads and vegetable soups.

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