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Curiosity: L'Aji Colorado is grown throughout Bolivia and Peru in South America. They are so sweet and fruity that they are compared to the sweetness of a pure bell pepper. In South America it is found dried, but for its use it is necessary to soak it in warm water until it softens; the locals then remove its seeds and blend it.

Feature of fruits: The Aji colorado plant looks like a small shrub that can reach 70cm in height and about the same size in width. The smooth, elongated fruits with pendulous habit can reach 10-11cm in length and vary from green to red when fully ripe.  

Pepper Maremma recommends it: This chili pepper is particularly suitable for making delicious tomato sauces, making it ideal for topping pasta or pizza. It is also excellent for red meats for palates that love spicy but not excessive. In summer we recommend it sprinkled over mozzarella and fresh cheeses. 

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